Natural catastrophes: Global change of a climate

According to the Australian scientists, the strongest acts of nature caused by global change of a climate, the next years can fall upon the countries of Asian-Pacific region.

Inhabitants of Indonesia, Philippines and China are exposed to the greatest danger. The increase in a population of a planet and temperature catastrophe insurance adjusting software of terrestrial atmosphere will promote strengthening of destroying power of hurricanes, a tsunami and earthquakes which, by estimations catastrophe emergency response team of researchers, can carry away lives of one million people.

The Australian scientists recommend to start creation of the specialised centre of preparation for extreme situations. State research organisation catastrophe dick morris Geoscience Australia has addressed with the corresponding offer to the prime minister of Australia catastrophe antivirus and the president of Indonesia.

Experts Geoscience Australia have analysed probability of acts of nature in the different countries of region and have counted up possible number of victims. So, in the Himalaya belt, China, Indonesia and on Philippines earthquakes, disastrous for one million person are possible. In Indonesia and catastrophe adjusters needed on Philippines the probability of eruptions of the volcanoes which victims risk also is high to become hundred thousand people. Low districts, for example, Bangladesh, can undergo to destructive influence of flooding and a tsunami.

Representative Geoscience Australia Alanna Simpson has told, that research of its colleagues is based on the analysis catastrophe 98 of data for last four hundred years. Besides that force of natural cataclysms has increased in itself, — their consequences can be more pitiable, than in the past, that the population of cake catastrophe potentially dangerous regions has essentially grown.

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